About us

Our craft shop was found by Jozef Salma back in 1972. year. Over the years the next two generations Salma Caba and his sons Salma Caba and Salma Szabolcs has joined the the business. We are very proud that currently three generations of Salma family are working in the workshop.

We have 40years of experience in car paintwork, refinishing and polishing. Over the time, we have moved out from the small garage where we started working into a large and modern equipped workshop. We are equipped with the latest tools for car repair, table computer couch with simultaneous measurement of the vehicle body, thermal paint shop for water and acrylic paint and all the other news and tools that come from this segment.

We are constantly training ourselves and following all innovations related to cars and work on them. We deal with all kinds of repairs and outfitting the vehicle body.

Many years of experience and top quality of the works allows us to work primarily premium cars. Through our car paint service have been all the world's leading car manufacturers such as: Bently, Ferari, Maserati, many Porsche, BMW an Mercedes, Jaguar and different Jeeps.

Car colors we purchase from the company EHOM www.ehom.co.rs, and car parts from company ANNUS www.annus.rs

The tradition of our work continues in family.

Trust, speed, quality.. Always in your service.